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#35 Chain

Check out the stock of mini bike 35 chain at OMB Warehouse. We source the quality 35 chain from top brands and leading manufacturers from across the world. Our top selling mini bike 35 chain is 10 feet long with 320 links, long enough for your repair. The chain comes pre-greased with 2 free master connecting links, ready for working. It is manufactured from 40Mn high carbon steel, sturdy strong and solid built. This 35 chain is easy to install and can be shortened in any length. Before ordering, check the specifications of our universal mini bike 35 chain so that it is a perfect fit for your mini bike. The 35 chain has Pitch Size (p): 0.375 inch, Roller Diameter (d1 max): 0.200 inch, Width Between Inner Plates (b1 min): 0.188 inch, Pin Diameter (d2 max): 0.141 inch, Pin Length (L max): 0.488 inch, Pin Length (Lc max): 0.519 inch, Inner Plate Depth (h2 max): 0.354 inch, Plate Thickness (T max): 0.051 inch, Average Tensile Strength: 2100 lb, Material: Carbon Steel, Length: 5 feet, Weight Per Foot: 0.221 lbs. These are the universal specifications for mini bikes but you can shorten the length by cutting the links or increase it with master links.