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You will be spoilt for choice if you buy mini bike brake cables and controls from OMB Warehouse. We source all items from top manufacturers and brands only. One of our in-demand items is the Mini Bike brake Cable 56" with clevis end. Brake Cable has a 3/8" diameter barrel end, clevis end, and threaded adjustable retainer with return spring. Dimensions are 56" inner cable and 51 1/2" outer casing. Another item in our mini bike brake cables and controls is the 56" cable with a barrel end on one end and a ball on the other end. These brake cables work on mini-bikes using disc brakes and come complete with spring and U-clamp. Other specifications are Conduit Length - 48", Cable Outside Diameter - 5/64", Barrel Length - 1/2" and Barrel Outside Diameter - 3/8". According to your needs, you can also place an order for the Brake Cable - 56" Cable with 48" Conduit, a .370-barrel end, and 5/64 in inner cable outer diameter. Our complete kit of mini bike brake cables and controls is a best-seller package. It includes left-hand grip, right-hand grip, right brake lever, throttle clamp, brake cable, and throttle cable.