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Clutch Sprockets

High quality mini bike clutch sprockets at OMB Warehouse sourced from top brands offer a compact design, rugged features, and economical motion control. They can also be used as a backstop clutch when mounted on a stationary shaft and set to make contact with the chain in a fashion similar to an idler sprocket. These clutch sprockets are typically manufactured from carbon steel. Among our top selling mini bike clutch sprockets is the Centrifugal clutch 3/4" bore 12 tooth #35 chain sprocket clutch assembly centrifugal clutch sets for mini bikes 6.5hp. The clutch sprocket is made of high quality iron material, light weight, portable, strong, durable, maximum torque, wear-resistant and fast heat dissipation. The dimensions are 3/4 inch hole, 12 teeth and # 35 chain x 130 (1.23m / about 4.0327ft). Before ordering from us, please check the required size of the clamp chain screw set. The package contains 1 x Centrifugal Clutch, 1 x Master Link, 2 x Screws. Another top product in our inventory of mini bike clutch sprockets is the Clutch Assembly with 1" Shaft and 14 Tooth 40/41/420 Chain Sprocket for Go-Karts & Mini Bikes. The 1" bore allows this clutch to work with gas engines larger than 6.5 hp.