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Drum Brakes

OMB Warehouse stocks a large collection of mini bike drum brakes sourced from leading brands of assured quality and durability and as OEM replacement parts. As compared to disc brakes, mini bike band brakes and drums are called so because the brake components are housed in a round drum that rotates along with the wheel. There is also a set of bands or shoes. When the brake pedal is pressed the shoes are forced against the wheels, slowing them down. Hydraulic fluid is used to transfer the movement of the brake pedal into the movement of the brake shoes. One of our top products is the Azusa Mini bike 4" Band Brake & 4" Drum. The brake has one-piece bonded lining, a Steel brake pin with a cable hole included, 4" diameter. Brake drum has two 2.875" bolt circles drilled into it. Another is the Mini Bike Brake Band & Drum with 60" Cable with 4" Brake Drum, 4-3/16" Brake Band with Pin, and Heavy Duty 60" Universal Cable. We also stock the Lined Brake Shoes for 4-1/2" Brake Assembly (Pair) as replacement lined brake shoes for the 4-1/2" brake assembly. 3/4" wide. Sold in pairs. Check out our mini bike sprocket and drum for 6 in Astro rear wheel.