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The top performance mini bike 35 split axle sprockets made of high grade aluminum is one of the highest rated mini bike sprockets in the OMB Warehouse inventory. The price of the sprocket depends upon the tooth size selected by you and is available in a variety of sprocket tooth counts from 53 to 85. You should set your mini bike gear ratio when utilizing a #35 chain by using these split axle sprockets! Durable, heavy-duty, and easy to change on the fly at the track due to the split nature. Red anodized for additional hardness, stamped in half with sprocket tooth count to identify sprocket tooth count. The mini bike v35 split axle sprockets are considered more durable than the 219 drive trains. The Split sprockets may be red or silver depending on inventory and are high quality red anodized or silver #35 pitch sprockets from 53-85 Teeth. The 6 bolt pattern measuring 5 1/4", center hole is 4 9/16".  These match up great with either Universal Sprocket Adapter or Sprocket Carriers. The mini bike v35 split axle sprockets in our inventory have guaranteed durability and the precision cut tooth design reduces friction at high speeds which results in a smooth chain run and high output.