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The Tote Gote mini bike is an American trail riding bike designed to be very tough. Production stopped in 1970 after 13 years. Check out spares at OMB Warehouse. The design of the Tote Gote is rather unique. There is a large pully in the middle of the front jackshaft that is not actually attached to the shaft but just riding on it and has a large bolt/set screw. This was for changing the gears. It slides over and connects with the keyed pulley that the belt is running on. Also, the rear brake appears like a band on the next pulley over. The Tote Gote mini bike remained in production from 1958 till 1970 when the flood of cheap Japanese trail bikes finally overwhelmed the company. Today the surviving examples of the Tote Gote are much loved by their owners and there are clubs, forums, and websites dedicated to them and their history. Among the Tote Gote mini bike spares in our stocks are the snap ring wheel bearing 5/8 in x 1-3/8 in, the same specification sealed flanged bearing, brake cables of different sizes, 56 in mini bike disc brake cable with hardware, and Tote Gote footpeg covers.