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Looking for Mini bike Air Filters for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, TaoTao bikes? Check out the range of stocks at OMB Warehouse, sourced from top manufacturers. The purpose of the air filter is to shield the engine from dust and debris in the air and improve airflow. It is also designed to enhance acceleration and raise the horsepower of the motorcycle. A mini bike requires air to fuel its fire in the engine and this air has a huge amount of dust and grime decreasing the engine’s performance. Here is where the air filter comes in as it filters the air and protects the engine from excessive dirt. We stock a huge range of mini bike Coleman 196cc air filters, Hisun air filters, and TaoTao air filters. The Coleman 196cc air filters comprehensive kit includes (1) Inlet Air Filter, (2) Filter-to-Carburetor Mounting Studs, (1) Aluminum Adapter, (1) Choke Hold Bracket, and (1) Hose Clamp & Hardware. Hisun air filters are available with Metal Canister and Foam Seal. These Hisun Air Filters are made only to fit the Hisun Engines. The 35mm TaoTao air filters are right for Chinese-made 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc, and 125cc mini bikes. Check out the wide range at OMB Warehouse.