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Get the top quality and the largest variety of mini bike seats at OMB Warehouse, all designed for rider comfort and safety to be used as OEM replacement parts. One of our top selling items is the Generic mini bike seat having a vintage look with centered racing stripes. The seat does not come with thread inserts installed so you can fit it specifically to your bike. Please check the dimension of your mini bike seat before ordering. The sparkly black with silver stripes has dimensions of Length: 11.5", Width: 6", Front Height: 2", and Back Height: 2". A high demand item is the super comfortable bike seat cushion that uses an advanced dry float and air suspension seat technology. The 10 Interconnected Air Cells provide uniform pressure distribution and are designed with tapered cells to provide easy leg passage and reduce contact with the scrotum. There is complete isolation of the tailbone from pressure and shocks. These mini bike seats distribute pressure evenly and eliminate painful pressure points & numbness, reduce heat & moisture build up and absorb vibrations & shocks. The seats have customizable cushioning for different user weights. Our range of mini bike seats is sourced from leading brands only.