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Mini Bike Clutches

Looking for a mini bike clutch?  You've come to the right place.  We carry all the most popular mini bike centrifugal clutches that work for go kart, drift trike, and alternate applications as well.  We carry both standard clutches as well as mini bike racing clutches.  We have 3/4" clutches for Predator 212cc engines, 1" clutches for Predator 420cc engines, as well as for all other engines with a 3/4", 1" bore, or 5/8" shaft.  The most popular mini bike clutch brands we carry are Max Torque, Noram, and Hilliard.  Feel free to email us if you're unsure of which racing clutches will work best for your application.  Besides complete clutches, we stock replacement clutch springs, shoes, clutch covers, and we carry our very popular mini bike clutch brake kit.  We have a mini bike clutch for every price point and every application that you would need.  Please browse through and get the right clutch for your Coleman CT200U, Baja Warrior, Rupp Roadster, and countless other old and new mini bikes that are on the market.  Mini bike parts are what we do best and we definitely have you covered when it comes to the centrifugal clutch department!