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For mini bike races and mini bike drags, it is essential to be well protected so that spills and slips do not lead to a major injury. Safety gear for racing mini bikes from the OMB Warehouse is SFI certified and guards the rider securely. The Armadillo Rib Vest is one of them with removable shoulder pads, complete torso coverage, padded back, and quick-release shoulder buckles. Also, get the helmet support for mini bike races for added support to the Impact helmet from the Impact brand. While on the mini bike track, a wedge neck collar with Velcro adjustable straps is critical as it ensures that all participants of mini bike races have the proper neck protection as the wedge design provides additional support. Check out our range of safety gear for mini bike races including gloves, helmet support straps, Impact arm restraints, and face shield. Superior accessories on offer are Impact helmet bag, cam lock belts, and more.