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When you need top quality mini bike racing disc clutches that have the strength to stand up to the most grueling racetracks, check out the stocks at OMB Warehouse. It is essential to get the best mini bike racing disc clutches for uninterrupted power transmission between the engine and the wheels. Racers spend their hard-earned money on the best engines for their racing program, only to unknowingly lose power between the engine and their wheels.  Our bestselling item is the Pulse clutch that efficiently transfers the engine power to the wheels. From its lightweight design to the new friction material of the A-TRACTION discs, the Pulse is unbeatable.  Features include a lightweight 3.35" diameter that means lower inertia and more power to your wheels, compared to the 3.5" clutches on the market. Well-designed levers for a smooth and unmatched engagement, "No-Spin" bearing sleeve that is hardened and replaceable, coated springs designed for smooth engagement to prevent rusting, and double disc ground surfaces for the tightest tolerances. Another is the Noram Cheetah mini bike Racing Clutch 3/4" - #35 Chain with a removable sprocket that saves money & time. Clutch comes complete with 13, 14 & 15 tooth sprockets (#35 chain) with factory pre-set engagement of 3,900 - 4,000 rpm.