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For high-speed applications, check out the range of Mini bike Performance Exhaust for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, and TaoTao at OMB Warehouse, all OEM quality. Our mini bike Coleman 196ccPerformance Exhaust, Hisun Performance Exhaust, and TaoTao Performance Exhaust guarantees the driving capability of your mini bike. The Performance Exhaust in stock in our inventory is designed to have a chrome-plated exhaust system for ultra-high-speed applications. With a longer and wider expansion chamber, this exhaust system provides less back pressure so your pocket bike's engine will flow more freely for extra top-end speed. Special packing in the silencer gives your bike a more tuned exhaust note. And thanks to the double-bent header, no bottom-end is lost with this bolt-on high-performance exhaust system. The Performance Exhaust for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, and TaoTao increases performance in several ways. As with cold-air intakes and headers, the goal of a performance exhaust is to de-restrict airflow and increase engine output. And primarily, that's by improving scavenging. Now the combustion chamber has more oxygen, which means the engine makes more power. Additionally, most aftermarket exhaust manufacturers say that their customers can expect horsepower gains of around 10 percent when a mini bike is fitted with a performance exhaust.