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Order Mini bike wheel and hub assemblies from OMB Warehouse and get assured high quality and durable items on every component that forms a part of the kit. Before ordering, please check the size of the tubes, tires, wheels, hubs, axle, and everything else that is the right fit for your mini bike. If you have any doubt regarding the size of your mini bike tires or tubes, check on our experts before ordering for the perfect fit. These parts are critical components of mini bikes and selecting the right size is not only important for a comfortable ride but also your safety too. Check out our top selling item in Mini bike wheel and hub assemblies complete with Rear Axle Assembly Complete Wheel Hub Kit & 4.10-6 Tires with Rim & Brake Assembly & T8F Chain for Quad Trike Drift Bikes. This is a high class and durable live axle kit that has almost all the rear-end parts you need. Shaft overall length: 740mm (29 1/8 inch), the thickest part of the shaft is 22mm. Package includes: (1) Axle Assembly, (2) Wheels (with tire, rim, tube), (1) T8F Chain (1) Brake Master Cylinder Caliper Assembly, (1) Sprocket, (1) Brake Disc, (2) Pillow Block