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OMB Warehouse stocks a large range of mini bike ¾ in bushings sourced from top brands and manufacturers that are good for most make and models of mini bikes. Bushings are made of rubber, polyurethane, or other similar types of materials. Mini bike bushings are mounted on the suspension and steering joints and help to absorb road bumps, control the movement in the joints, and also reduce noise and vibration. Bushings are rubbery components of various internal diameters like mini bike ¾ in bushings through which pass the various suspension components or the bolts that attach them. One of our top-selling mini bike ¾ in bushings is made of nylon with the specifications 15/16 in outer diameter, ¾ in inner diameter, and 15/16 in length. Another is the steel axle bushing with ¾ in inner diameter, 5/8 in length, and 1 in outer diameter. Among the other mini bike bushings in our stocks is the split bushing with 5/8 in internal diameter, 11/16 in outer diameter and 7/8 in length, steel wheel bushing ½ in x 5/8 in, and nylon bushing spacer of 13/16 in outer diameter, 5/8 in inner diameter, and 13/16 in length.