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Along with nuts and bolts, OMB Warehouse stocks the complete range of mini bike washers for a wide range of applications and perfect fit for the nuts and bolts in our stock. Mini bike washers have a crucial role to play as fasteners. The primary purpose of most washers is to evenly distribute the load of the threaded fastener with which they are used. Threaded fasteners stress the material in which they are driven. Driving a screw into metal in a mini bike, for example, may cause the metal to crack around the surface. Washers reduce the risk of such damage by evenly distributing the fastener’s load across the surface of the material. Mini bike washers can also be used as spacers if the threaded fastener is longer than the depth of the object. Placing washers through the threaded fastener before driving it into the object creates padding so that the fastener doesn’t go too deep. Also, certain types of washers are designed to absorb vibrations. Known as vibration damping or vibration isolating washers, they usually aren’t made of metal. Instead, they are made of a softer material like plastic, rubber, or urethane. Check out the entire stock of mini bike washers at OMB Warehouse and order as per your need.