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At OMB Warehouse, we stock a wide range of Mini bike Predator 212cc Billet Rods, all of the highest quality and designed for peak performance on any road. Billet rods also called connecting rods are the part of a piston engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. Together with the crank, the connecting rod converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotation of the crankshaft. Billet connecting rods are designed from steel or aluminum. Compared to other types of connecting rods, they are lighter, stronger, and longer in lifespan. It is commonly used in high-speed mini bikes. One of our most in-demand items for Mini bike Predator 212cc Billet Rods is the Billet Rod Predator 212cc Stock Length - Hemi & Non-Hemi. It fits both the Hemi and non-Hemi versions. 3.308" center-to-center for a 1.188" rod journal and .709" wrist pin. Stock OEM length for use with the stock crankshaft and stock style (dished or flat top) piston in modified engines. Built from 7075-T651 aircraft-grade aluminum. Uses ARC's custom manufactured bearing inserts and ARP rod bolts manufactured specifically for ARC. ARC has the only forced oiling scoop dipper rods available for these engines providing superior lubrication at the bearing journal.