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Buy the best Mini bike Replacement Blocks for Coleman 196cc, Hisun, TaoTao machine from OMB Warehouse if you want to build or replace your engine from scratch. The engine block - also known as a cylinder block - contains all of the major components that make up the bottom end of a motor. This is where the crankshaft spins, and the pistons move up and down in the cylinder bores, fired by the fuel combusting. On some engine designs, it also holds the camshaft. Check these specifications when ordering mini bike Coleman 196cc Replacement Blocks, Hisun Replacement Blocks, and TaoTao Replacement Blocks. These mini bike Replacement Blocks are usually made from an aluminum alloy though in previous days it was made of cast iron. Its metal construction gives it strength and the ability to transmit heat from the combustion processes to the integral cooling system in an efficient manner. Aluminum blocks typically has an iron sleeve pressed into them for the piston bores, or a special hard plating applied to the bores after machining. When the cylinder head is in place secured to the top of the engine block, the pistons move up and down within the cylinders and turn the crankshaft, which ultimately drives the wheels. Order from us for the right replacement blocs for your mini bikes.