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Jackshafts and Sprockets

Check out the wide range of mini bike jackshafts and sprockets at OMB Warehouse. We source our stocks from top manufacturers and leading brands around the world. Our top selling item in mini bike jackshafts and sprockets is the #40/41 Chain - 12 Tooth Jackshaft Sprocket with a 5/8" Bore. The jackshaft sprocket transfers the power from the engine to the rear axle by way of the chain and is a very important part of the drive system. Itincludes two set screws and a 3/16" keyway slot. In jackshafts, we have the 19 inch long 3/4in jackshaft that buyers can cut to the required length. It has ¾ in outer diameter and 3/16in keyway end to end. Similarly, we have the generic 5/8in jackshafts with a 3/16in keyway, threaded 1-1/2" in on each end. There is a lot of thread if there is a need to cut the jackshaft down. The keyway runs the entire length of the jackshaft. Mini bike jackshafts and sprockets are critical for the smooth running of a mini bike and hence you should get the best products from OMB Warehouse.