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For the largest stocks of mini bike Mongrel racing clutches check out the inventory at OMB Warehouse. These race ready centrifugal clutches are ideal for mini bikes. The thermodynamically designed clutch shoe increases the capacity of the clutch to absorb heat without damaging the clutch springs. This results in improved durability, reliability, and longer life. These mini bike Mongrel racing clutches are designed and built for direct drive mini bikes, one of the most rugged applications required of reasonably priced automatic centrifugal clutches.These are meant for rough and rugged service for up to 16HP 4 cycle engines and approximate engagement at 3200 rpm. The precise type of mini bike Mongrel racing clutches needed can be estimated from the crankshaft diameter and chain size. Most 2 to 7 HP 4 cycle engines have a ¾ in shaft and use a #35 chain with 12 tooth clutch that gives a faster take off and lowering gears in the hill sections. The 21 tooth clutch gives a higher top speed. The clutch comes with a spacing washer that is chamfered on the inside of one side. The spacer goes on the crank first and the chamfer goes towards the engine.