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A Rupp mini bike had been an iconic mini bike from 1959 when Rupp Industries was born till 1978 when it went bankrupt. OMB Warehouse stocks a range of compatible parts of Rupp. Mickey Rupp began assembling and selling go-karts from his basement in 1959 and from go karts began producing minibikes in the early 1960s.Mickey Rupp sold the company in 1973 when it ran into financial trouble. Although the company would continue to produce dirt bikes, minibikes and snowmobiles, they would never regain financial stability and by 1978 went bankrupt. Rupp mini bike models included the Dart Cycle, Continental, Roadster, Scrambler, Hustler, Chopper, Black Widow, Enduro, Roadster 2, Swinger, Sprint, Digger, Goat, Ram, TT-500, XL-500, XL-350 and others. Rupp minibikes were made in a variety of styles with various features, including varying engine sizes, lighting kits and color options. Rupp offered upgrades to their bikes as well, including speedometers, luggage racks, lift bars, horns, mud flaps and crash bars.Rupp also offered a variety of economy models with frames similar to that of the Continentals with one piece fork/handlebars. These had differing engine sizes ranging from 2 1/2 HP to 5 HP. Some bikes came with front and/or rear suspension, others did not.