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If you are looking for Mini bike wheel hardware, check out the stocks at OMB Warehouse. We offer individual items that constitute the hardware or combo kits. Since there are different items like wheel hubs and rims, tires, and tubes, sprockets and chains that all contribute to the performance and stability of mini bikes, we ensure that what you get is of the highest quality, durability, and balance. But it is necessary when you select Mini bike wheel hardware to check that all the required components match each other. For example, if you buy tires and tubes, the wheel should be one with spokes and not mag wheels. It's hard to make a traditional spoked wheel airtight, due to the holes for lacing spokes to the rim. For wheels with spokes, tubes are required with tires and this is prevalent on mini bikes of vintage origins and retro style. But then spoke wheels require more maintenance than mag wheels. Loose spokes also break or bend more easily, can puncture tubes and cause bent or broken wheels and hubs. Overly tight spokes can snap, damage the wheel, or strip out at the nipple and break the hub. For any issues concerning mini bike wheel hardware, give us a call and our experts will advise you in this regard.