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Check out the stocks of mini bike engine plates at OMB Warehouse. All mini bike engine plates with us are sourced only from top brands and leading manufacturers. These plates have assured strength and durability and are perfect as OEM replacement parts. A top selling item at OMB Warehouse is the Motor Mount Plate for 4-7 HP Mini-Bikes (Doodle Bug, Baja, Motovox). If you have ever wanted to swap out your engine on a Doodle Bug, Baja, or Motovox minibike but were restricted due to the engine mount spacing, this plate is your answer. It allows an easy install of any of these engines: Predator 212cc, Honda GX 120-200 series, 196cc Clone, and other 4-7 HP engine manufacturers. These mini bike engine plates have slots so the engine can be adjusted left to right and front to rear. This helps in easy sprocket alignment and chain tensioning and is perfect for any engine that has 6-3/8" x 3" mount spacing. The package includes (4) 5/16-18 x 1" Hex Bolts, (4) 5/16-18 x 1-1/2" Hex Bolts, (8) Washers, and (8) Locking Nuts. Check our Torque Converter riser plate with hardware too that is made from heavy gauge steel with rivetnuts to secure the engine and a strong base to minimize engine mounting plate flex.