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Rear Wheel Sprockets

Mini bike rear wheel sprockets at OMB Warehouse, made from the finest materials for smooth gear change and riding comfort. Sourced from leading brands. There are two sprockets on every bike: (1) The smaller countershaft sprocket is attached to the engine. (2) The larger rear sprocket is attached to the rear wheel. The two sprockets are measured by their number of teeth. As a quick rule of thumb, the more teeth on the rear sprocket, the lower the gearing. Conversely, the fewer teeth on the countershaft sprocket, the lower the gearing. The gear ratio is arrived at by dividing the number of teeth on the rear sprocket by the number of teeth on the countershaft sprocket. A gear ratio is how many times the countershaft sprocket turns before the rear wheel makes one full revolution. Among our many products in this category is the Monster Motion AlveyTech 420 chain 50 tooth rear sprocket for the Baja MB165 & MB200 Mini Bike with four mounting holes and the 50 tooth rear sprocket to be used with the 420 chains. Also, check out our complete rear wheel assembly kit that comes with Tire, Inner Tube, Rim, Chain Sprocket, and Disc Brake