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Make your mini bike look amazing with attractive Mini bike 8 in wheels. Check out the superior stocks at OMB Warehouse, all with assured strength and durability. Mini bike 8 in wheels construction typically consists of an aluminum or steel outer rim with steel spokes and nipples that connect to a center hub. The spokes give the wheel flexibility to handle bumps, ruts, and those big jumps and hard landings. Therefore, spoke maintenance is a high priority and something many riders tend to overlook. For regular maintenance of your Mini bike 8 in wheels check spokes often and adjust when necessary. Loose spokes prevent the wheel from spinning straight and can damage the wheel and cause handling issues. One of our best selling products in Mini bike 8 in wheels is the 8" Mini bike Drive Wheel, Disc for Trail master MB200, Comes with 6202 bearings. The Hub width bearing to bearing - 8 3/4", Rim Width - 5 1/4", and has 4 hole pattern - 3-1/8". It is flanged on both sides for sprocket and brake disc on other side. The most common tire size used with this rim is 19x7-8. Another in-demand product is the 8" x 7" Wheel w/ 4"x4" Pattern – DWT. This lightweight polished aluminum wheel is engineered specifically for go-karts and mini-bikes.