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Do not lose power due to worn mini bike sprockets. OMB Warehouse has hard anodized mini bike 219 split axle sprockets with a longer life than aluminum sprockets. We also stock split sprockets and skip tooth sprockets for mini bikes as well as sprocket guards, sprocket racks, and sprocket carriers to get you back on the race track fast. Our top selling product is the RLV #219 "Black Diamond" Sprockets (Split)Style for racing mini bikes. Manufactured of durable 7075 aluminum alloy, these Black Diamond sprockets by RLV USA are the toughest on the market, and offer outstanding service life, no matter your mini bike engine or torque! The split-sprocket design makes these perfect for inboard-drive sprocket setups like the Briggs 206 or Tillotson racing engine. Also check out the Extron 89-tooth #219 sprocket. Typically, this sprocket is utilized with mini bikes and features plastic-reinforced nylon construction for reduced rotating weight and light-weight performance. Manufactured by the well-known team at Righetti Ridolfi, the Extron sprocket is a lightweight solution to your powertrain, providing reliable performance while keeping rotating weight at a minimum. This keeps your rolling speed up in the corners when off the throttle, and improves braking and acceleration performance throughout your lap.