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For the best in mini bike Mini Cup Series clutches, check out the wide range at OMB Warehouse. We assure top quality products in our inventory from top brands. The mini bike Mini Cup Series is just as you think they are – miniature late model mini bikes. Noram has built a clutch that is ideal for the Mini Cup Racing Series for engines with 1 in shafts. These clutches mount outboard on the outside on the crankshaft and are designed to allow for the safe, no-load, quiet starting of your mini bike. Once engaged, the mini bike Mini Cup Series clutches help reduce vibration, utilize peak torque for more efficient engine performance, and provide overload protection for operator and equipment safety. The Noram mini bike Mini Cup Series clutches are engineered exclusively for the MiniCup Series of Racing. The specifications are 1" Inner Bore with a 3/8" Step Down, Outboard Drive, #35 Chain, Available in 12T-18T, Turned Steel Drum for perfect runout, Heat dissipating holes in the drum for cooler running clutch, three shoe design proves excellent 360-degree contact for more torque, Variable spring assortment allows flexibility in engagement settings, 4 cycle - 1" Counterbore - #35 Chain from up to 18 hp engines, Stock Engagement: 1700 RPM.