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Mini bike chain tools and mini bike breakers are essential items in the kit of any mini bike owner. Check the wide range of high quality stocks at OMB Warehouse. One of the top selling items in our inventory is the mini bike chain tools that are easily portable and can be carried in your tool box for emergencies. Each piece is compatible with 1/8” single-speed and 5 to 12-speed derailleur chains. There is a shelf for loosening tight links with super strong replaceable pin (part # CTP). These small mini bike chain tools have fine thread, special V-shaped handle, and super strong replaceable pin making chain removal and installation a breeze. Perfect take-along chain tool at only 77 grams. Dimensions: 60mm x 55mm x 15mm. We also stock mini bike chain breakers used to cut and adjust the length of the chains. It will make your work easier.The top selling product is compatible with #25 #35 #40 #41 #50 #60 415H 428H 520 and 530 roller chains and is widely used for most mini bikes. This roller chain detacher breaker is constructed with high carbon steel and the strong pin can handle most common chains. And there is also an extra pin in the package.