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If you have a vintage bike of the 1970s and want replacement parts for the engine, chances are that you will be looking for Tecumseh mini bike parts. Check stocks at OMB Warehouse. In late 1969, Briggs and Stratton decided they would no longer sell their flathead motors to mini bike makers. They just didn't want to be associated with minibikes (probably for more legal reasons than anything.) But regardless, this opened the door for Tecumseh to supply motors. And just about all the mini bike makers took Tecumseh up on this and utilized their engines for minibikes during the 1970s. The Tecumseh parts motors of 1968 – 1970 were the H25, H30, H35, HS40, H50. The best minibike motor, the HS50, wasn't introduced until 1972. The HS40, introduced in 1968, was also a very popular minibike engine. Refer to the stock of Tecumseh mini bike parts, the HS40 motor. It was the mainstay of minibike motors during the 1970s. The Tecumseh 4hp HS40 was introduced in 1968 but did not get traction with minibike manufacturers until about 1970. Check out our range of OEM Tecumseh mini bike parts – carburetor bowl gasket, air cleaner, link and lever, stop lever, float bowl nut gasket, extension spring, an air cleaner with offset adapter, and more.