All That You Need to Know Before Buying a Tire and Wheel

Aug 22nd 2023

Do you need to buy go-kart wheels and tires, for your motorcycle, or ATV wheels (All-Terrain Vehicle)? Whatever might be your requirement, it is first necessary to understand the difference between wheels and tires. Too many people use these two terms interchangeably and changing a wheel and changing a tire seem to be closely linked. But there is a world of difference between the two. Let us dive into the various intricacies of a tire and a wheel.

Wheel vs Rim vs Tire

Generally, two divisions are made in a wheel – the metal part typically called the wheel, and the rubber portion which is the tire. But here too a distinction needs to be made.

The rim is one of the several components of a wheel. Take for example mini bike drag wheels. The tire is mounted on the edge of the wheel and the rim serves as a sort of reinforcement for keeping the tire attached to the wheel. The central wheel disc and the spokes form a part of the wheel but not of the rim.

What Is a Rim

A rim, by definition, is the outer circumference of anything, and in this case, it is the outer edge of the wheel, the part that holds the rim in place and is designed to support the bead of the tire. It is deeper at the center to hold the tire than the edges. The rim is made of the same material or alloy and the center portion is coated with Teflon to hold the tire better and ensure a tight fit.

What Is a Wheel

The wheel is the entire metal portion that holds the tire even though the complete assembly of the metal and the rubber is referred to as the wheel. The wheel is the medium to connect the tire to the hub of an automobile and is made up of several components such as the spokes, lug holes, center cap, and valve stem. Some wheels have removable covers called hubcaps that snap into place and protect the inner parts of the wheel from dirt and sludge.

What Is a Tire

A tire is a ring-shaped component made of rubber that surrounds the rim of the wheel. It transfers the load of the vehicle from the axle through the wheel to the ground, providing traction on the surface over which it travels. Most tires like go-kart tires are inflated pneumatically and provide a cushion that absorbs shock even when it rolls over rough terrain. Tires offer a footprint known as the contact patch. It is designed to match the weight of the vehicle with the bearing strength of the surface it rolls over. This bearing pressure hence will not deform the surface excessively.

Summing up, the entire metal part that holds the tire is the wheel and the edge of the wheel is the rim. Any defective component in the wheel necessitates an immediate change as the vibration will adversely affect the handling capabilities of the vehicle. On the other hand, when tires keep deflating, it is a pointer to a damaged rim. If the damage to the rim is not repaired, it might lead to metal parts of the wheel rubbing against the tires, leading to blowouts.

Buying wheels and tires

So important are the wheel, rim, and tire to the stability and the driving comfort of a vehicle that it should be bought only from leading sellers so that none of these are compromised at any stage of use. This is why check out the stocks of OMB Warehouse, a top and reputed seller of go-kart wheels, rims, tires, mini bike drag wheels, ATV wheels, and more. We stock only the best OEM quality spares and accessories, all sourced from leading manufacturers around the world.

However, before placing an order for wheels and tires, make sure that you have the correct specifications with you. Wheels and tires are not standardized and different makes and even models of the same brand have different footprints. If you have any doubt in this regard, get in touch with us and we will guide you on what best to order.

Now that a clear understanding has been had about wheels, rims, and tires, let us check out a few specific items that will give you an idea about what that part is all about.

145/70-6 Minibike tire

There are two parts to a 145/70-6 mini bike tire – the inner tubes and the outer casing of the tire. Let us examine each in some detail.

  • 145/70-6 tire inner tubes with bent angle valve stem for go-kart and quad mini bike: The rim size should be 6 inches to ensure a perfect fit for the tire. It also aligns with your 145X70-6 450/530-6 Tire / Wheel and is a replacement tube for 4.50-6, 5.30-6, 5.30/4.50-6 and 145/70-6. This unit is compatible with and works well with lawnmowers, hand trucks, wheelbarrows, garden/utility / flat carts, yard trailers, dollies, trolleys, wagons, generators, snow blowers, pressure washers, air compressors, Mini Bike, wood chippers, and more. The unit consists of two bent metal valve stem inner tubes. Please check with us about where you want to use it so that we can get back to you whether this specification will match your needs.
  • 145/70-6 tubeless Knobby Tires for Go-karts and mini bikes: The specifications of this tubeless tire are as follows: Tire Size: 145x70x6. Rim Size: 6x4.5. Overall Diameter: 14.4". Section Width: 5.4". Tire Pressure: 4 PSI. Max Load: 75 lbs. Type: Tubeless. Tread: Knobby. Ply: 2 Ply. The tire includes - (1) 145/70-6 Tubeless Knobby Tread Tire. It is puncture resistant for durability. Strong carcass designed to support the weight of equipment. Versatile stud tread design for multi-purpose conditions. Provides extra traction and bite in hard and soft terrain. It is advisable to check that your tire states 145/70-6 with a 6x4.5 rim to ensure this is the correct tire for your unit. In case of any doubt, give us a call at OMB Warehouse.

Go-kart Wheels and Tires – An Overview

Another area that should be looked into when discussing tires and wheels is go-kart wheels and tires. If you are into racing, there are several types of tires to choose from. For surfaces where grip is not very important or where dry conditions prevail and the roads are smooth, the preferred option is tread-less tires that improve speed as contact and grip on the road are minimal.

On the other hand, tires with good and deep tread knobby outer are required mainly for off-road racing and where speed and grip are both required on slushy surfaces. These factors must be kept in mind when buying go-kart wheels and tires.

Let us check out specifically one such set of tires with their specification and build quality.

Go-kart tires use high-quality high-elasticity rubber, which is wearable and durable. The heavy-duty 4-layer nylon structure prevents puncture and abrasion and provides comprehensive protection for the kart to travel on any terrain. Further, the unique tread design of the tread increases friction, as well as the adhesion of the wheels to the ground. It can adapt to dry, wet, rugged mountains, muddy and sandy roads, and other harsh environments and climates.

The valve core has excellent airtightness and long-lasting durability. The iron rim has excellent toughness and is very affordable. This is a choice that can save money. Apart from go-karts, this tire is perfect for ATVs, Mini-Bike, Golf-Cart, Lawn Mower, and more.

As you know, tires and wheels are a vital component of any vehicle. Worn-out tires or damaged wheels and rims upset the stability of a mini bike or any other machine, endangering your life as well as others racing or dirt-tracking with you. Visit the website of OMB Warehouse to check our inventory of tires and wheels and take your pick.