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OMB Warehouse stocks a large collection of mini bike wheels that are compatible with almost all makes and models of mini bikes from the vintage to the modern. Our stocks are sourced only from leading brands and manufacturers so that you can be assured of the quality and durability of the mini bike wheels. Before placing your order with us, verify the size of the wheel so that you get the perfect fit. All the wheels in our inventory are good as ideal OEM replacement parts. The high quality heavy-duty rubber will last very long. The air stem is on the outside so you can always inflate the tires easily if needed. Our high-quality pneumatic tires are made from premium, 100% natural rubbers, our tire and tube set provide the durability you can depend on all seasons. With rubber walls that are up to 4X times thicker than similar brands, both our tires and tubes provide efficient usage, maximum shock absorption, and little to no maintenance. Long-lasting and versatile, these heavy-duty tires have symmetrical/multi-directional saw tooth treads that can be rotated whichever way you need them to be. The tires provide the perfect balance between traction and maneuvr ability even in challenging terrain.