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Tires Tubes and Wheels

Mini bike tubes are important parts of your mini bike and safety on the tracks or roads depends on the quality of the tubes. Check the stocks at OMB Warehouse for mini bike tubes of OEM replacement standards that are good for any make or model of mini bikes. We also source our supplies of mini bike tubes from leading brands and manufacturers so that you are sure about the strength and the durability. We offer highly compatible inner tube replacements for different dirt bike brands and models. A tire is only as good as its inner tube and with mini bike tubes from OMB Warehouse, you'll not get frequent flats whether it be on your front or rear tire. Get back on the trail in no time with our heavy-duty replacement inner tubes for dirt bikes with a 10-inch rim and 2.5 inches to 2.75 inches tire widths. These universal-fit inner tubes work best for motorbikes with 49cc, 50cc, and 70cc engine displacements. Check out our explosion-proof inner tubes that provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Made with thick and shock-absorbent butyl rubber, these inner tubes prevent explosive punctures with their self-sealing properties. Verify the right size before ordering mini bike tubes from us.