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Tires Tubes and Wheels

When it comes to mini bike tires everything counts, from the type of tread being shallow or deep, the hardness or softness of the tire, and more. We offer all types of different mini bike wheels to fit any type of bike there is, from vintage mini bikes like Azusa, Taco, Tote Goat, Rupp, Manco, Boonie bikes, Bonanza, Benelli or your newer mini bikes like RB200, RB100, Trail masters, CT200U, CT100U, CT200U-EX, BT200X, Doodlebug, Dirt bug or even your homemade mini bike and numerous others. Mini bike rims come in all different shapes and sizes. We offer mini bike rims and rear assemblies with built-in gear sprockets, brake sprockets, drum brakes and even rims with different adapters to put on anything you'll like! We also carry top of the line racing go kart tires like Maxxis tires for when you really need grip on those really hard corners or just for your all around good racing go kart tire. We offer go kart rims to fit almost all go karts out there, either 3 or 4 bolt t.  Sizes include 4" inch rims up to 10" inch rims, and from 4" inch wide rims to 8" inch wide for your racing go kart!