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Mini bike band brakes are an important part of modern-day bikes. At OMB Warehouse we stock a large collection of mini bike band brakes from leading brands. A band brake is a primary or secondary brake, consisting of a band of friction material that tightens concentrically around a cylindrical piece of equipment to either prevent it from rotating or to slow the mini bike down. Band brakes can be simple, compact, rugged, and can generate high force with a light input force. One of the top selling mini bike band brakes is the Centrifugal Clutch Band Brake and 7/8" Brake Lever Kit. This Universal clutch band brake kit has a 4" band. This Clutch Band Brake and Brake Lever Kit offer everything you need to install a band brake on your mini bike or go-kart engine in one easy step! This kit features an 11GA heavy duty mounting bracket that enables you to mount the clutch sprocket inboard or outboard with no additional work! It is designed to use with engines that have the industry standard 4 hole pattern on the side cover. The kit includes a mounting bracket, 16 GA steel cover, 4" brake band, conduit stop, all mounting hardware, 7/8" brake lever, and 56" Cable.