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We have every type of brakes for your different needs on your go kart and mini bike! Like any other part on a mini bike, go kart, drift trike or your own special wild project, brakes play a major part in performance.  Acute stopping ability is absolutely critical for safety, especially when you start putting high performance parts on your bike.  We carry go kart brake calipers, mini bike brake calipers, mini bike brake pads, go kart brake pads, and basically anything that'll help you stop in time when you really need to! We offer hydraulic brake calipers which are incredibly popular with the newer mini bikes especially.  We also have the tried and true mechanical disc brakes as well as the discs themselves.  Mechanical brakes work just as well or even better sometimes depending on your setup!  Out most popular mini bike brake by far is the clutch brake band kit.  Our clutch brake band kit goes over your clutch on any vehicle that has a standard centrifugal clutch.  When activated, the brake band will help you come to a complete stop right on time.