Torque Converter Spring Upgrade

Torque Converter Spring Upgrade

May 20th 2021

I have an old yerf dog kart with a stage 2 predator 212 with the hot .265 cam. I want to upgrade the springs both pulleys on the cvt to better match the power curve of the motor. Hoping you could suggest which ones to get.

Here is my recipe to have the TAV better match with a modified engine

I replace the driver springs with these spring. This will start to grab the belt at 3100 rpms

I use this heavy spring in the driven unit in the center hole.

Here is why I do that. I want the engine to build some rpms when taking off. This helps the engine get into more power before the driver grabs the belt. The yellow spring in the driven keeps the driven closed longer and keeps a lower ratio in the converter. This also allows you to build rpms and get into the power It is common for rowdy engines with stock converters to get the engine to about 5000 rpms and then not pull anymore. I call this "nosing over" The engine cannot overcome the adjusted, higher ratio and won't rev higher...unless of course everything is downhill! LOL This will make a big difference with your engine!