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Torque Converter for CT200EX Coleman Mini Bike

Torque Converter for CT200EX Coleman Mini Bike

Mar 31st 2021

I want to know what you recommend torque converter wise for a CT200EX Coleman mini bike. Do you recommend using torque converter on this engine at all or if we should get a new engine? Is there anything else I can do to get the best torque out of this to help climb hills a little better?

I recommend and endorse the Hisun 196cc engine. It is a proven performer, can take upgrades easily, and will last a long time if you take care of it. 

The reason so many people either change the engine or just the crankshaft is due to the limited availability for clutches or torque converters that go on a 16MM shaft. Only the China clutches are available and no torque converters. We have an  adapter that allows the use of a 1" torque converter. That will make the crank 1" and allow this  torque converter to be used. A torque converter will not just bolt to the engine. We have to raise the engine for the backing plate to clear the engine. Instead of cutting the frame and installing 1" risers, we developed a plate that is a bolt on solution, and no frame cutting required. 

We also offer this in a kit with everything you need plus a  Stage 1 kit

If you are wanting more grunt for that, use an 8 tooth sprocket on the torque converter. This is the equivalent of having a 60 tooth rear sprocket, just less expensive.

The kit will surprise you. Before you do anything, try the 10 tooth gear that comes with the kit. You may have plenty of torque and not sacrifice top end speed!