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Torque Converter for Coleman BT 200 Mini Bike

Torque Converter for Coleman BT 200 Mini Bike

Nov 18th 2020

I'm looking for a torque converter for my Coleman bt 200 mini bike. What is the difference between the 99 dollar torque converter and the 199 dollar one.

We have a  complete kit here for the BT200x bike.

Here is what I was faced with developing this kit Your engine has a 16MM crankshaft. There are no torque converters for a 16MM shaft, so we developed a crank adapter to use a 1" ID converter. It would have been much easier to sleeve the crank to 3/4", but the key in the clutch hub is built in and would not give enough engagement into the crank's keyway. We are not comfortable cutting the frames on these bikes like our competitor wants you to do. We developed the riser plate to move the engine up and forward to get the torque converter mounting plate bolted to the engine. At that point, the stock muffler and airbox hit the frame. That is why the kit has the header and air filter. Those 2 parts open the engine to make more power, but the stock carb has a main jet that is not easily removed. We include the non-EPA carb and a larger main jet to get the air/fuel mixture correct I think we succeeded in creating a bolt on kit that works around all the issues, increases the power as well as providing more low end torque while giving you a higher top speed.

For the toque converter, we have excellent results from either system. The aftermarket unit is a direct copy of the Comet unit and most parts will interchange.

The Comet is still made in the USA, the originator of these units, and is the best you can get!

Personally, I don't have a preference and the performance is equal with either unit.

The Comet does have the benefit of more parts available for long term servicing, but other than that, the choice is yours