The World of Drift Trike Racing – Predator Racing Mini Trike

Aug 28th 2023

This post will take you through all the information you can possibly need about the world of drift trike racing as well as all the equipment required to be a success in this niche – Predator racing mini trike, mini trike kit, drift trike axle, and more.

So, let us plunge right into the many facets of this sport.

What is Drift Trike Racing

Drift trikes are tricycles that are designed to drift intentionally by initiating loss of traction to the rear wheels while counter-steering to zip around corners. Hence, the ideal course for drift trike racing is paved roads that have steep downhill grades, switchbacks, and corners. A drift trike has low-traction rear wheels that have a hard plastic or PVC surface.

Unlike conventional wheels of rubber where deep treads make for high traction with the surface, the goal of drift trike bikes is to reduce grip to facilitate drifting around corners. For this reason, smooth roads are preferred over rough or coarse ones as they not only help in drifting and sliding but also reduce the wear and tear of the tires. Drift trike bikes typically have an average racing speed of 25-50 mph.

Drift trike racing originated in New Zealand but then quickly spread to other countries, notably the United States, Canada, Australia, and a few European countries. It soon got the attention of racing enthusiasts and adventure lovers and its popularity began to grow exponentially.

The American Drift Trike Association, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2011 but was later disbanded. Drift trike racing is today a recognized sport and teams have been sponsored by leading names in the world of racing like Red Bull.

What is the Setup of Trike

A trike is the shortened form of a tricycle or a three-wheeled bicycle. It has a more comfortable riding position than traditional bikes as riders sit lower to the ground than the typical bicycle. This also increases the stability and balance of the ride. It is for this factor that trikes have generally been the first bikes for children though it is not uncommon to see adults riding trikes for recreational cycling or commuting.

This post will focus on motorized trikes, especially the Predator racing mini trike along with various components like drift trike axle, mini trike build kit, mini trike frame kit, and more.

If you are looking for a Predator engine to power your trike or mini trike kit, ensure that you are ordering from dealers like us at OMB Warehouse. This is because we stock only high and OEM-quality parts that are sourced directly from reputed manufacturers from across the globe.

Further, if you have any doubt about the specification of the parts to be ordered, get in touch with our experts who will guide you, thereby avoiding replacements later.

A Run-Down on Motorized Trikes

A motorized trike such as the Predator racing mini trike is powered by an engine fueled by gas or electricity. Its evolution dates to the 19th century when there was a boom in the production of motorized trikes. But then, the engines were not as lightweight and sophisticated as now, and critical components like electric ignition and clutches were still being developed and yet to unleash their full potential and emerge as racing spares. Even then, because of the broader platform of trikes, it was easier to install an engine here than on bicycles.

Though three wheels are standard for motorized trikes, their configuration determines what they are called, the delta or the tadpole (reverse).

In the first instance, the delta, the trike has one wheel in front and two at the back, the most common available. It is the reverse for the tadpole that has two wheels in front and one at the rear. In some cases, the steering mechanism is attached to the rear wheel but apart from increasing the turning circle, it also causes problems in handling.

How do the two match up so far as the riding comfort and stability are concerned? The tadpole is more stable, and will not tip over during hard braking but will slide, the very purpose of trike racing. In similar situations, to avoid rolling over, a delta has to steer in a straight line. Summing up, tadpoles typically oversteer while deltas understeer to compensate for rolling resistance and to balance out friction patches.

Components and Parts for a Drift Trike

Now, let us get down to studying the different components of a drift trike. At the cost of repetition, you should always buy them from established dealers in this niche. OMB Warehouse offers a range of drift trike parts and components that are of the highest quality, thereby making for a safe and stable ride.

#Predator Racing Mini Trike

To motorize your trike, there is no better option than the Predator 212cc gasoline engine. Carefully evaluate the power you want but this 212cc gives you all the boost you will ever need to leave your co-racers behind.

Some of the features of the Predator racing mini trike engineare as follows.

The 212 Predator gasoline engine has overhead valves for longer life and cleaner gas-saving performance. The horizontal shaft is ball-bearing mounted, making it the perfect replacement for any standard engine configuration. Other specifications are:

  • Durable cast iron cylinder that withstands wear and tear.
  • User-friendly controls, making for quick starting and easy operations
  • When the oil volume reaches levels that are not safe for operations, sensors in the engine shut it down automatically.
  • High durability due to upgraded engineering and construction
  • Fuel shut off for safe transport
  • Displacement of 212cc and output of 6.5HP, ideal to power any type of mini bike or go-kart.
  • Produces 8.1 ft-lb of torque at 2,500rpm
  • The engine is available with a recoil starter which can be switched to electric start via an aftermarket upgrade.

The powerful Predator 212cc engine can propel a Predator racing mini trike to a top speed between 25-35 mph. This of course depends greatly on the weight of the trike and the rider, any upgrades carried out on the engine, and the aerodynamics of the trike.

# Mini Trike Build Kit

If you are technically inclined and know a thing or two about assembling an engine and other components of a trike, using a mini trike build kit to put one together should not be too challenging for you. What will help you is that you will also get different sections such as the drift trike axle kit and mini trike frame kit ready to put together and align with the other components of a drift trike kit to build your trike from scratch.

A drift trike build kit is available in either a 36-inch shaft or a 40-inch one. The only difference between the two is the size of the shafts and the specifications of the parts and their sizes. Let us examine the 40-inch shaft drift trike kit to get a clear picture of what the kit has to offer.

  • Replacement 40-inch shaft kit for Drift Trikes includes (4) bearing flanges
  • This kit includes a tubular aluminum shaft (40 Inch), axle bearing, chain (#420), clutch (10T 3/4” #420), sprocket hub (31.75mm), rim hub (31.75mm), sprocket (54T, 215mm #420), (3) key stocks (6x80), (2) bearing hangers, (4) bearing flanges (PFT-206)
  • Additionally, this drift trike build kit also comes with (2) tires (11x6.00-5), (12) axle nuts, (2) snap rings, (2) aluminum Race Hubs, & (4) lock collars

At OMB Warehouse we urge you to get the specifications right before ordering a drift trike kit, axle kit, or frame kit. It is best if you include the model, specs and or type number, code and serial number, and year of manufacture before buying from us.

#Mini trike frame kit

Before building your trike from the ground up, ensure that the mini trike frame kit that you buy is of OEM quality. The frame not only carries the weight of the engine and parts and the rider, but it also contributes a lot to the stability of the bike and the safety of the rider on the roads. Buy a mini bike trike kit with all the parts instead of buying the frame and the parts individually. All of them might not align perfectly together apart from costing you double the price of a comprehensive kit.

You can also buy a pre-manufactured mini trike frame made of mild steel tubing. These frames are pre-notched and pre-bent to make the task of assembling the trike easy for you. A mini trike frame kit typically consists of two main frame rails, two side wings, two foot-peg arms, two number foot pegs, four cross supports, one headset tube, and one handbrake mount.

Summing up

Whenever you think of putting together a mini trike from scratch, buy kits that have all the components required for each section – the engine, angle, and frame. Further, always order from a reputed dealer like OMB Warehouse for quality OEM parts.