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The Ultimate Guide to the Predator 212cc Engine

Aug 29th 2023

Looking for a Predator 212 mini bike for sale? Go through this comprehensive review of the 212cc Predator engine, the upgrades possible, and the specifications before taking the plunge.

With a mini bike or a go-kart, you can either choose to putter around the backyard or take your mean machine onto dirt or surfaced race tracks, depending on the engine and the upgrades that you have opted for. However, this clear distinction has been blurred with the advent of the 212cc Predator 212cc Engine

It has really destroyed the competition because not only is it a high-performing and durable engine but the cost will not burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, with Predator 212 upgrades, you can increase the performance manifold as per your requirements.

The Predator 212 engine is a performer right out of the box. Whether you are restoring your old go-kart or mini bike and breathing new life into it or adding an extra punch by upgrading your old engine to a 212cc one, it should be the 212cc Predator all the way because of its power and durability. And there is no better source to order one from than OMB Warehouse.

At OMB Warehouse, we stock the full range of Predator engines including the 212cc and 420cc. You are assured guaranteed delivery according to the promised timeline. Further, for upgrades, you can get all the required parts, from Predator 212 engine upgrades to Predator 212 carb upgrades. Most importantly, all spares are sourced by us from the manufacturer and leading suppliers from around the globe and hence you get high-quality OEM-grade spares and parts.

Drop an email to us before you order. Our experts will ensure that you get the correct parts and need not go through the hassle of replacements.

The Predator 212 Engine


The Predator 212 is perhaps the most popular and top-of-the-line mini bike and go-kart racing engine that is available in the market with a great cost-to-performance ratio. This means that the power and performance that you get from the engine are at a relatively affordable cost due to its moderate price.

The 212 Predator is a gasoline engine with overhead valves for longer life, and cleaner gas-saving performance. Since the horizontal shaft is ball-bearing mounted, it is an ideal replacement for any standard engine configurations. Let us check out the other specifications of this engine in detail.

  • Durable cast iron cylinder that withstands wear and tear.
  • User-friendly controls, making for quick starting and easy operations
  • When the oil volume reaches levels that are not safe for operations, sensors in the engine shut it down automatically.
  • High durability due to upgraded engineering and construction
  • Fuel shut off for safe transport
  • Displacement of 212cc and output of 6.5HP, ideal to power any type of mini bike or go-kart.
  • Produces 8.1 ft-lb of torque at 2,500rpm
  • The engine is available with a recoil starter which can be switched to electric start via an aftermarket upgrade.
  • Is available in both Predator 212 Hemi and non-Hemi configurations.

# Suitability

The Predator 212cc, apart from go-karts and mini bikes is also a perfect propulsion medium for pressure washers, cement mixers, compressors, mowers, log splitters, vacuums, tillers, water pumps, chipper/shredders, generators, and blowers.

#Top speed

The high power of the Predator 212 engine has a direct effect on the top speed. Install in your go-kart and you have an assured top speed of between 25-35 mph. However, this range is only for reference and is applicable to standard go-karts and mini-bikes only. A lot depends on the type, size, and weight of the machine and the rider, and the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Predator 212 Turbo Kit

One of the advantages of the Predator 212cc engine is that you can upgrade it and get optimized power and performance from it. However, to ensure that the Predator 212 engine upgrades carried out are of the highest order, it is necessary that you get the needed parts only from a dealer who can be trusted to deliver them. At OMB Warehouse, we offer OEM-quality Predator 212 upgrades that will boost engine performance many times over.

Check out the Predator 212 turbo kit in our stocks.

This kit is for a mini bike carburetor, mini bike Coleman, and a comprehensive set for Predator 212 upgrades. It includes a Predator 212 carburetor, air filter kit, and exhaust pipe muffler kit among other performance parts with each being made from high-quality materials for optimal performance and durability. Before ordering, please check your machine model and size as much as possible to ensure the best fit and avoid unwarranted replacement. In case of doubt, call our experts at OIMB Warehouse.

Installing this turbo kit is as easy as it can get. With a full set of accessories including an air filter kit with adapter, exhaust pipe muffler kit, and main jet kit, having it fitted to a Predator 212 is a breeze. Everything you need is included in one convenient package, making upgrading your engine quick and hassle-free.

This package includes everything you need for your performance upgrade, including a Predator 212 carburetor, air filter, exhaust pipe, muffler, spark plug, bolts, hex nuts, wrench, gaskets, emulsion tube, main jet, and adapter kit. All components are made from wear and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Predator 212 Engine Upgrades

With a displacement of 212cc and an output of 6.5HP, the 212 Predator will typically meet the needs of any go-kart or mini-bike user. But you might still want to take performance to the next level. In that case, you should go for Predator 212 upgrades and Predator 212 engine upgrades for your mini bike or any other type of vehicle or equipment.

There are two very important factors to be taken into account when you consider any form of engine upgrade.

#Engine Stress

Any modification of your 212cc Predator engine on whatever vehicle or equipment it is installed on will definitely lead to component stress inside the engine as the parts are exposed to higher speeds and friction. Note that the stock valves will float at about the 5,500 rpm mark, preventing the engine from going above this level.

To go beyond this standard after an upgrade, the valve springs have to be replaced to either 18 lbs, 22 lbs, 26 lbs, or 36 lbs. You must also check for Predator 212 Hemi and non-Hemi compatibility before doing so.

#Removal of the Speed Governor

The second critical step to be followed before any Predator 212 upgrades is the removal of the speed governor. If you do not do so from your Predator 212 cc engine, there is no point in upgrading it as the speed and rpm will be limited to previous levels only. Removing the speed governor is not a very challenging task. By following the manual, using the right tools, and having enough space to work in, carrying out this work should not pose any problems for you.

Predator 212cc Engine Performance Parts

Performance parts are designed to increase various outputs of the engine that are a cut above what a stock engine has to offer. Here are a couple of them that you can install in your 212 Predator to boost the power and performance.


The regular air filter and intake prevent the engine from breathing in too much air. But the less restriction you have for the air intake of the engine, the more air and fuel will enter the combustion chamber. Install a 212 Predator high-flow intake adapter and high-flow air filter that will bolt onto the existing Predator 212 carburetor, requiring no more than a screwdriver and wrench to fit them. This modification will give extra power to the engine when you step on the gas.


The stock Predator 212cc engine has a muffler that prevents the engine from breathing out too much air. On the other hand, if you have a lot of air coming into the engine, it should be released with as little resistance as possible to increase performance. This is where the performance high-flow exhaust header for a Predator 212 comes in handy as a performance part.

Combining the two, by shoving air and fuel quickly into the engine and then releasing it with little resistance after combustion, you can add some serious horsepower and torque to the engine that will have the adrenal flowing when you throttle up.

A word of advice here. While installing these two performance parts, you are putting in more air into the engine and will need to drill the jet a bit bigger. This will allow more fuel to enter the combustion chamber as otherwise, with the governor removed, it will lead to a “lean” condition where the engine will overheat, resulting in a burnout.

Tillotson 212 vs. Predator 212 cc engine

The two most popular 4-stroke engines in the market are the Tillotson 212 and the Predator 212 and there has been a long-standing battle between them. Though both the engines have a similar design, what about the performance?

The Tillotson 212 is about 50% more expensive than the 212cc Predator engine. There are several reasons for this. While the two are similar in design, specifications, and internal components, the output of the Tillotson 212 is about 40% higher than its counterpart with 10-20% more torque at 2500rpm. But the Predator has both a non-Hemi and the new introduction, the Hemi version while the Tillotson 212 is available only in the Hemi configuration.

However, both are great value for money and are among the best go-kart engines. Get in touch with us at OMB Warehouse for more information about the Tillotson 212 engine.

Summing Up

The 212 Predator is a powerful engine with multiple applications. You can further increase the power and performance with kits and parts that will take the output to the next level. Contact us at OMB Warehouse for more information about the Predator 212cc engine.