The Predator 420cc Engine – Powerful, Durable – In a Class of Its Own

Aug 22nd 2023

The Predator 420cc engine is a durable, robust, and reliable choice for the next power project that you might have thought about. It is ideal for any application that has to function in a quiet and relatively low-vibration environment and is the perfect replacement engine for dozens of machines such as hard-working and heavy-duty lawnmowers.

Buying Predator 420 engines and spares

If you are not sure about the power and performance of the Predator 420 but need an engine that can be expected to deliver under the toughest conditions, get in touch with our expert team at OMB Warehouse. We are one of the largest sources of the 420cc Predator engines in the country as well as all spares related to them.

Moreover, regardless of whether it is fully-assembled engines or components and performance parts, we only get our products from leading manufacturers around the globe. This ensures that what you get is always of the highest OEM quality and is guaranteed to give years of trouble-free service. But keep in mind that when you order spares from us, make sure that you have the exact specifications and their code so that they are a precise fit when you install them.

In case of any doubt, give our professionals a call to avoid a misfit or unnecessary replacement.

Now let us dive into a summary of the main features of the Predator 420 engine before going into its details.

Overview of the Predator 420cc engine

The Predator 420 is a powerful yet lightweight, compact, and efficient gas engine that is very easy to mount and operate. What improves the balance and stability of the engine is its steel flywheel. The starter motor of the engine generates enough power to get the pistons to start pumping even in very low temperatures.

On the other hand, it does not heat up much at high RPMs as the large cooling fins dissipate the built-up heat very quickly. This aspect makes the 420cc Predator ideal for outdoor conditions like yard maintenance and equipment operations since heating up is not a factor in its running.

The Predator 420cc gas engine has an overhead valve design, ensuring long life and high fuel efficiency. Heavy torque loads are seamlessly absorbed by the Predator 420. This is because of the powerful horizontal shaft with a 360-degree ball bearing.

The Predator 420cc gasoline engine lasts longer than other models and engines in its class that are available in the market, thanks to the durable cast iron cylinder. Among the safety features that are in-built into the engine which goes a long way to increase its lifespan is the low oil shut-off factor. The engine shuts down automatically when the oil level drops below the minimum that has to be maintained at all times.

Overall, the 420cc Predator engine saves gas and oil, is low on running costs and maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. It is an upgraded engine that is just right for replacing a worn-out engine.

If you want more information on this engine, give a call to the experts at OMB Warehouse.

Performance Parts Kits for Predator 420cc Engine

Let us start with what are performance parts.

Performance parts are enhancement or replacement parts that are designed and engineered to increase the acceleration, braking, or handling capabilities of an engine. Racing enthusiasts often replace the stock parts of their mini bike, racing bike, or car’s engine with aftermarket components to take the performance to the next level and gain a competitive edge.

What is bought depends on the specific improvement of performance required. Hence, some typical performance parts when replaced and fitted in the engine will improve say, acceleration while yet some others will increase brake handling.

At OMB Warehouse, we source our stock of performance parts for the Predator 420cc from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and third-party manufacturers. The after-market parts are no less high in quality than OEM parts because many reputed manufacturers have subsidiaries that are dedicated to the production of performance parts for their models.

Here are a few examples of Predator 420 performance parts stocked by us.

# Performance Part Stage 1 Kit

This allows the engine to breathe better and hence there is automatically a rise in performance. For the benefit of enthusiasts who want to get the most out of the engine, the part number is also mentioned here. This number is universal as it is provided by the manufacturers.

The following components are included: (1) ARC_6929 Billet Adapter, (1) ARC_DJ-1257 Choke Bracket, (1) TD_AFR175 Air Filter, (1) ARC_DJ-3314 Air Filter Gasket, (1) TD_AR3910X Spark Plug, (1) ARC_15-990 Header Pipe, (1) ARC_DJ-3330 Exhaust Gasket, (1) RLV_5017 .042 Main Jet, and (1) RLV_5018 .043 Main Jet.

Check the components with the specification numbers before installing the Stage 1 performance kit to be sure that you are going about it perfectly.

# Performance Part Stage 2 Kit

If you want to wake up the Predator 420cc engine quickly without regard to the prevailing conditions and temperature, the Performance Part Stage 2 kit is a must-try. However, note that the billet flywheel, available as a part of the kit, will not work with the Honda UT2 rev limiting coil. Further, this flywheel will not work with a recoil starter or an electric starter but only with a handheld starter.

As with the Stage 1 performance kit mentioned before, the component numbers are given here too. These numbers, from the manufacturer, are universal in their application.

The following parts are included: (1) ARC_6607-GX3 Billet Flywheel, (1) ARC_5980 Coil Adapter, (2) ARC_DJ-3055 Valve Springs, (1) ARC_6929 Billet Adapter, (1) ARC_DJ-1257 Choke Bracket, (1) TD_AFR175 Air Filter, (1) ARC_DJ-3314 Air Filter Gasket, (1) TD_AR3910X Spark Plug, (1) ARC_15-990 Header Pipe, (1) ARC_DJ-3330 Exhaust Gasket, (1) RLV_5017 .042 Main Jet, (1) RLV_5018 .043 Main Jet.

Before you order this performance kit, check the part numbers with the manual of the engine, or in case of doubt, contact our support staff who will guide you in this regard.

# Performance Part Kit – Adding More Power

This performance kit gives the engine an extra dose of power while enhancing its performance too. Before installing this kit, ensure that the governor of the engine which pegs the speed that it can generate is first safely removed. This kit from our inventory does not include gaskets as they are exclusive to different engines. For any help in selecting the gaskets, email us and we will help you buy the right ones.

This power-boosting performance kit of the 420cc Predator engine and most 13-16 HP clone engines include: ARC 6623-E Billet Flywheel that allows for pull or electric starting, ARC 6272 Billet Connecting Rod with Bearings, DynoCams 275 Welded Lobe Camshaft, 50# Valve Springs, and 6 degrees offset flywheel key.

The flywheel provided here does not have internal magnets for the charging feature. This aspect is common to all billet flywheels. To get the flywheel mounted, remove the coils first from the block.

#Performance Kit Stage 1 Mud Boat – Increased HP and Torque

This performance kit adds more torque and HP to get the mud boat going and is ideal for Honda GX270/390, Predator 301/420, and many 13-16HP Clone engines. The kit includes: Rear Exit Header and Muffler, Exhaust Gasket, Billet Air Filter Kit, 2 Main Jets (.041 and .042), and Auto-Lite AR3910X Racing Spark Plug.

#420 Chain

A chain for a motorbike, mini bike, or any other machine transfers the motion of the engine to the wheels and should therefore be strong and durable. More so for a 420 chain as it is transferring the control of a powerful engine to the wheels. When it comes to this chain, the sprockets should also be of the highest quality to take the slack and the tension of this heavy chain. Here is a case of 420 chain specification that is available in our inventory at OMB Warehouse.

A 420 chain is a perfect fit for 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc and is ideal for dirt bikes, pit bikes, ATVs, 4-wheeler Quad, Go Kart, and Scooter Mini Bike. The 420 Chain Size is 1/2" center to center spacing between each pin, approximately 1/4" wide, length 59",132 links. The package includes 1 pc 420 Bike chain, 1 pc 420-530 chain breaker, and 5 pcs 420 Chain Connector Link.

Summing up

The Predator 420 is a heavy and powerful engine and hence aligns well with bigger go-karts as it delivers more power than the typical go-kart engines. It produces 13HP at a displacement of 420cc. This powerhouse engine also gives an incredible 18.4 ft-lb of torque at 2500 rpm and that is a great deal of power for a go-kart. The Predator 420 has both Hemi and non-Hemi versions but the Hemi type is more common. It is definitely worth it to upgrade your existing engine to a Predator 420cc one.