Stainless Steel Upgrade Hemi Valve Kit

Stainless Steel Upgrade Hemi Valve Kit

May 21st 2021

I have the tillotson 212e hemi I need stainless steel valves and 36 pound springs, retainers, keepers push rods and rocker arms.

Finding valid info on that engine is not easy! I know it has 27/24 valve faces, but you will need to verify you have the 5.5mm stems and not the 5mm stems. I am fairly certain you have 5.5mm stems. 

Intake valve

Exhaust valve 

Here are the 36# springs

Retainers and keepers

We have the lash caps here and I suggest using them.

I would cut your own pushrods to get the correct geometry.

We do not have the rocker arms for your engine, sorry. They are the same as Ducar 212 rockers.

Now here is your challenge. Stock Hemi type heads will only take a 26# spring max unless you have the head machined to accept heavier springs. The 36# springs have a larger OD than 26# springs.

Most Hemi heads can only accept lifts of .300" or less. The cams that require a 36# spring would have more lift than that. Hemi heads have shallow spring pockets. This also creates issues with coil bind and retainer to guide clearance. The canted valve also have the valves closer to the piston.

Make sure to check every clearance!