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Stage 2 Coleman Kit

Stage 2 Coleman Kit

Nov 1st 2020

I recently installed the stage 2 kit and would barely run. I read someone’s question about this and the answer on your website was to install the additional jet that came in the package. So I did that and now won’t start at all. The jet I installed has a sticker on the packaging labeled “GX390” I did not touch the springs yet. I removed the original spacer and used the one in the packaging. Original was black, the one in package is bronze looking. I tried the Racing Plug I purchased from you and it would not start. Placed the old one back in and it did. There was gas in the bowl. I reinstalled the original jet and it will start. But will not run with choke off.

The GX390 jet is right for you. That is a .037 jet Here is what we need to check. When you put the new springs in, did you set the lash at .003" on both sides? Was the engine at top dead center on the compression stroke when you did this? Is the plastic spacer between the carb and cylinder head still there? Have you tried a different spark plug? Can you verify there is gas in the bowl?

This is the plastic spacer I am referring to. This spacer must be between the carb and cylinder head or your engine will not run

This gasket that may have a bronze cast to it. Goes between the carb and the billet air filter adapter

If you had a bare head with just 2 studs sticking out, here is the order that these are to be installed. This gasket goes between the head and plastic spacer, then the plastic spacer

then another gasket like this, then the carburetor. Once the carb is on, use this heavy metal gasket with the rubber insert, then the billet adapter.

If this is not done in this order, the engine will never run properly