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Stage 1 Kit and Torque Converter for Coleman CT200-EX

Stage 1 Kit and Torque Converter for Coleman CT200-EX

Mar 26th 2021

I have a coleman CT200-EX and looking for a stage one kit and torque converter for it. I also want to know if I need a riser plate.

Here is the torque converter with the Stage 1 kit. This is a complete bolt on kit for your bike.

We developed the riser plate for these bikes as to get any torque converter mounted to an OHV engine with the cylinder that angles back, we need to raise the engine so the backing plate clears the cylinder. Our competitors use 1" square tubing to raise the engine, but that requires that you cut the crossbar between the engine and rear tire. We felt this is a structural part of the frame and we did not want to do any cutting! Our plate lifts the engine and moves it forward to clear the crossbar. This allows you to use the stock chain guard too! Here is how the crank adapter is installed. This shows the correct orientation of the riser and how to install the adapter and torque converter for your 16mm crank.