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Predator 212cc / Clone 196cc Air Filter Kit

Predator 212cc / Clone 196cc Air Filter Kit

May 14th 2021

Will this fit the stock 196cc motor in a Coleman ct200u? What carburetor upgrade you recommend?

You should really consider a complete kit! If you have the CT200U with the solid forks and the 16mm crankshaft, this is the kit for you.

If you have the CT200U-EX with the suspension forks, this is the kit for you.

Nothing I can do about the blue covers. I don't care for them either, but they are all coming that way now. Spray paint for plastic has been my friend!

Here is why I suggest a kit. All of the newer Coleman bikes come with a 16mm crank and nobody makes a torque converter for 16mm cranks. Our adapter converts that to a 1" crank to use a 1" torque converter.

To mount a torque converter to any OHV engine, we have to raise the engine for the backing plate to clear the engine and the frame. Our competitor will have you cut the crossbar between the engine and rear tire. We feel that is a structural part of the frame so we designed a riser plate that lifts the engine and moves it forward. No cutting required!

The newer carbs have a main jet that is not easily removed. We include the non-EPA carbs in our kits that allow for easy jet changes and additional adjustment versus the stock carb.

You should pull the stock clutch and measure the crankshaft to verify. Most people confuse the 16mm crank as 5/8", but I know they are 16mm as I have calipers!