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Parts for Coleman BT200X

Parts for Coleman BT200X

Mar 25th 2021

I have a Coleman BT200X and looking at torque converter and crank adaptor sleeve. I want to know what else I need to put the torque converter on my engine.

We have a complete bolt on kit for your bike.

Here is why I suggest the kit. The kit includes the crank adapter for your 16mm crankshaft. We include the riser plate so you don't have to make riser blocks which requires that the crossbar between the engine and rear tire be removed. As we have to raise the engine so the torque converter backing plate clears the cylinder, we must raise the engine up. Once the engine is raised, the stock muffler and air-box will hit the frame, that is why the Stage 1 kit is included. A header and intake open up these engines. To accommodate the additional flow, we need to rejet the carb. The stock emissions-style carb you have has the main jet with a security screw that is not easily removed. We include a new Non-EPA style carb that has a removable main jet and additional adjustability for the low./mid range fuel mix, whereas yours is sealed.

I can spec out parts separately for you, but I believe this kit solves all the issues related to the installation.