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Coleman 100

Coleman 100

Jan 21st 2021

We have two new coleman 100’s and I’d like them to have more power at lower speeds. Sacrificing some top speed is ok. From a sprocket standpoint, I realize this means either a smaller front and/or a larger rear sprocket. Do you offer either option? Most parts seem to be for the 200.

If no sprockets are available, I’m open to other ideas such as intake and/or exhaust. My experience with intake and exhaust on automobiles is that they typically move the power curve to a higher RPM which, on the cc100, would only accentuate our situation.

Please let me know if you have any parts that would help increase performance “out of the hole” on the 100’s.

For the clutch, we have an 11 tooth clutch for 5/8" cranks.

To put a larger sprocket on the rear, we have to use an adapter and bolt kit and then use a larger sprocket like this

We do not have any performance parts for the engine you have

The bigger bikes all use a 16mm crank. The 5/8" clutch will not fit on a 16MM shaft. 

Going down 1 tooth on the clutch is equivalent to going up 6 teeth on the rear soprocket

Here is what I do in that situation. I will pull all of the components off the crankshaft. Start the engine and use some 320 grit sandpaper to remove .005" from the crank to accept the common 5/8" clutches. Go slow and make sure you sand evenly. I know this is total redneck, backyard mechanics, but it works! I have done this on several of my own engines and have quite a few customers that have done this too! You just cannot go too far!

Otherwise, you have to rely on Coleman for stock replacement clutches and only the 12 tooth option