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5/8" Bore Clutch for Coleman CT200U-EX

5/8" Bore Clutch for Coleman CT200U-EX

May 4th 2021

I'm looking for a 5/8" bore clutch for Coleman ct200U-EX mini bike.

That bike actually has a 16MM crankshaft. 16MM is 0.630" 5/8" is 0.625" That .005" keeps the 5/8" clutches from being installed on that crank I do have plenty of customers that will remove everything from the crank, start the engine, and use sandpaper to remove .005" from the crank so common clutches will fit that shaft. We do not have any 16MM bore clutches.

If you want to sand the crank, this clutch will work for you.

Otherwise, you will need to go back to Coleman for another Chinese clutch!