Coleman Stage 1 plus Torque Converter Kit Parts

Coleman Stage 1 plus Torque Converter Kit Parts

May 26th 2021

How do I know I have the chain adjusted correctly? I don’t know how tight it should really be. The chain tensioner is pretty much maxed and the engine is sitting as far forward as the new mounting bracket will allow. Seems like the chain still has about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of play on the top. The green gasket doesn’t seem to fit. Holes are too small for the bolts and the cutout doesn’t line up. After installing everything, I did a test with and without the chain attached and noticed two things. First I would occasionally get a little backfire after revving the engine for a bit and then letting completely off the gas. The other thing that I noticed was a little extra lag in the throttle response and it seemed like it was almost getting flooded or stalling out. One time it did it did completely quit when I went from idle to full throttle in one turn. Anything I need to do to better tune it up? I’m at about 5800 ft by the way.

The box that the torque converter came in has the schematic on the side of the box. Do you still have the box? If you have it working, I would not worry about it!

1) We look for about 1/2" deflection on the chain for it to be adjusted properly. The hard part with Chinese parts is the inconsistencies. If the engine can go back 1/2" and/or the rear tire come forward 1", you can remove 2 links from the chain. I think you are fine now!

2) The green gasket is for the carb. It goes between the plastic insulator and cylinder head. You have the correct exhaust gasket now.

3) The jet we sent is for sea level to 3500 feet elevation. We may want to drop the main down to a .035 jet. You are too rich for 5800 foot altitude and this will help clean things up

The backfire is something we all deal with. That happens when the throttle is closed suddenly, the engine leans out. I call that "lean pop". You can mitigate this a bit by turning the brass screw on the carb flange counterclockwise to introduce more fuel for the low/mid range fuel signal, but it will never completely go away.