Bosch Spark Plug USR7AC

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Bosch Spark Plug USR7AC
USR7AC Bosch Spark Plug Heavy Duty Yttrium-Enhanced Center Electrode with Copper Core Provides Superior Reliability and Durability Tapered Cut Nickel Chromium Ground Electrode Assists in Cold Weather Starts and Provides Increased Ignitability Nickel-Plated Rolled Threads Provide Anti-Seize and Corrosion Protection Metal Glass Fused Resistor Gives Maximum Interference Suppression Angular, 5-Rib Insulator Design Prevents Flashover

FS90, 100RX, 110, KM90 HT100, 101 Plug Specifications Thread Size: 10mm Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm) Reach: 12.7mm (1/2") Seat Type: Gasket Gap: .020" (0.5mm) Heat Range: 7 Terminal Type: Solid Resistor: Yes Brand: Bosch Center Electrode Type: Standard Material: Yttrium Enhanced Projection: Non-Projected Ground Electrode Type: Standard Material: Nickel Quantity: 1