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Z50 K0-78

The Mini bike Z50 KO-78is a part of the iconic Z series from Honda and is more popularly known as the Monkey Series. OMB Warehouse stocks a few reproduction parts of the model since the original parts are not easily available as the series has been discontinued. Most Z-series bikes are small and light collapsible motorcycles made for convenience and ease of transportation. They have 50 cc (3.1 cu in) overhead cam four-stroke engines with an overhead cam. However, the reproduction parts offered by us are of excellent quality and will keep the Mini bike Z50 KO-78 running beautifully without any drop in performance though might be a shade lower than OEM replacement parts. Original Mini bike Z50 KO-78 are often available at very high prices and these are generally collector’s items used by those who are meticulously restoring their bikes to their original condition. Some of the reproduction kits available with us are the headlight socket kit with bulb and ground wire and the dimmer switch with the correct colored wiring, grey sheathing, and correct “H” for high and “L” for low. Before ordering from OMB Warehouse for spare parts of the Mini bike Z50 KO-78, confirm the part number and the corresponding product.

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