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The mini bike Z50 79-87 is a part of the line of the Honda Z Series. While sales of the Z50 stopped much earlier, stocks of spare parts can be had at OMB Warehouse. Most Z-series bikes are small and light collapsible motorcycles made for convenience and ease of transportation. They have 50 cc (3.1 cu in) overhead cam four-stroke engines with an overhead cam. Since the originals have long been discontinued by Honda, we offer reproduction sets that are no less than OEM replacement parts had they been available. Take the fender set for mini bike Z50 79-87. They are made of soft flexible plastic (not painted) just like the originals. The color is now Tahitian red which is very similar to Blaze red (both colors used on Z50Rs). Consider the reproduction gas tank for the mini bike Z50 79-87and the quality of the tank is excellent. It is a nice alternative for those who are not investing heavily in restoring their Z50 79-87 but just as a replacement for their bikes. It has a gas cap like the original one and a petcock. We also have an ignition coil almost identical to the now discontinued and hard to find Honda OEM ignition coil.